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Vastushastra a scientific Approach


Vastushastra a scientific Approach

Hi Friends, Its long time since we have met again. Actually a lot of visits and heavy clients load didn’t allow me to express myself on blog. Today we will touch the deep fathoms of the real science behind Vastu .

In the diagram no.1 given here we can see how our Earth moves around sun in a specific trajectory, while doing this Earth also moves along its axis. In this process N.E.( North East) of the Earth remains most of the time facing towards the sun. So we (i.e. Earth) Gets the cosmic energies of the sun from North East direction. The next diagram will clarify it.

Diagram no 2 is self-explanatory We can see inflow (gain) of cosmic energies is hence from North East, East,& North directions and drain (outflow) of cosmic energies in case of Earth is from South, South West and West directions. Also the electromagnetic field of North East, East and North is balanced and stabilized, whereas the electromagnetic field of South West, South and West is imbalanced, unstabilized and aggravated. So we have to make proper use of this above situation while following the rules of Scientific Vastushastra, as well as planning & orientation. In our next blog we will see how best use of the above situation of earth is made to plan a good house as per Scientific Vastushastra.

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