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The science of the stars. Horoscope & Astrology is the study of the planets’ position and direction relative to a certain celestial body [either the Sun (heliocentric astrology) or the Earth (geocentric astrology)] and its potential influence on a natural organism [a single being, or a population (such as a town, country, continent, etc.

OM Counselling, led by Dr. Nirmal Shah, offers personalized astrology consultancy services aimed at fostering self-awareness and holistic well-being. With a focus on providing insightful interpretations of birth charts and planetary alignments, Dr. Nirmal Shah guides clients in understanding their personalities, relationships, and life paths. Through compassionate and informed counseling, OM Counselling assists individuals in making informed decisions, nurturing personal growth, and finding solace during challenging times.

Benefits of Astrology Consultancy

Self-awareness and personal growth

Mindfulness and holistic well-being

Emotional support and reassurance

Spiritual & philosophical exploration

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