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One of the greatest virtues of human beings is their ability to think and act accordingly. The emergence of the techno savvy man from the tree swinging ape has really been a long journey. This transition has taken a span of countless centuries and lots of thinking caps have been involved. Inquisitiveness and aspiration to come out with the best have been the pillars for man’s quest for development. Self-motivation is the sheer force, which pulled him apart and distinguished him from his primitive ancestors. The most important things included in personality development are confidence & communication.


Every day brings new opportunities, yet only a few harness the fresh energy to accomplish their goals. Confidence, when combined with sincere efforts, enables us to reach unprecedented heights. However, the fear of rejection often hinders our performance in various aspects of life, such as public speaking, relationships, and academic assessments. We must recognize that confidence allows us to articulate our thoughts effectively and present our skills with assurance, thereby overshadowing our weaknesses. However, maintaining a balance is crucial, as excessive confidence can be detrimental.


Communication in any form is used for exchange of information. The links called words make communication work. Without words its difficult to imagine how we could have come so long in the history of human evolution. Word is not only a 4-letter thing, but it is something deeper than that.

Personality development Program covers career guidance ,memory techniques, meditation. stress management, goal setting, pranayam ,communication skills, health nutrition, self hypnosis, Time management Golden Ball theory. Programs of Personality Development : In this first case study is carried out. The required training is decided. Accordingly sessions are carried out

Mind & Personality Development Programme

This is the detailed program which included one to one conversation, practicles, case studies, brain storming sessions.


  • Basic principles of success
  • Science of conscious ,subconscious super conscious and supreme conscious mind.
  • Study of human psychology.
  • Theory of time management.
  • SWOT Analysis.
  • Eradication of bad habits.
  • Increasing will power.
  • Goal settings and Achievements.
  • Short self relaxation Techniques.
  • Effective communication skills & Leadership Qualities.
  • Self motivation and mass motivation.
  • Choosing right profession.
  • Power of positive affirmation and Imagination.
  • Money making techniques.
  • laws of nature.
  • Power of emotion Prayers & love.

Self Hypnosis Program

This program includes the details information about the human body and mind how it functions and how hypnosis can be taped to go deep into the subconscious of oneself and how subconscious one finds unlimited potentials through which one can become successful in all the areas of the life.


  • Theory of self hypnosis and Practicles.
  • Past life regression theory and Practicles.
  • Effective tool for managing stress.
  • Techniques of taping the power of subconscious, superconscious & supremt conscious mind.
  • Theory of Behavior pattern of human being.
  • Creating abundant health and wealth.
  • Laws of prosperity.
  • Building healthy relationship ( Personal,Professional).
  • Self Analysis techniques.

Goal Settings

Scientific and proven techniques of goal settings are taught. Brief discussion on the priorities of life and how to achieve them easily without stress is given importance here.Step by step procedures of achieving goals of life are taught.

Time Management

  • Theory of time, what is time?
  • Definition of time and importance of time.
  • Scientific and proven techniques of managing time.
  • Delegation of work.
  • Delegation of authority and responsibility.
  • Techniques of planning and implementation.
  • How to buy time ?
  • How time is interrelated with goal setting ?
  • How to make good use of OPM & OPT & OPS Techniques.
  • How to plan life ? Short term goal setting .Long term goal setting .
  • How to plan your day and year ?
  • Relation of time with awareness of life.
  • Work more but still be free for whatever u want.
  • Enjoy stress free mind.

Stress Management

  • Definition of stress.
  • Types of stress , eustress distress etc.
  • Short and effective technique of managing stress.
  • Dealing with unwanted stress, thoughts & year
  • Self relaxation & self hypnosis Techniques.
  • Removing stress with yoga , Meditation and Pranyam.
  • Relation of stress with disease, mood shifts.
  • Physical exercises and perfect diet.


Graphology deciphers the subconscious mind through the study of handwriting, revealing insights into an individual’s thought process, attitudes, and behavior. Examining various features like loops, spacing, and slants, graphologists view these details as physical manifestations of hidden mental functions, comparable to practices such as astrology and palm reading.

The uniqueness of our handwriting, distinct from the standard taught in school, serves as the primary key for interpretation. Graphologists consider handwriting as comprising over twenty indices, reflecting aspects of our physical, emotional, and mental selves. These indices, including slant, size, and rhythm, symbolize interconnected facets of our personality, resulting in a comprehensive portrayal of our current state of mind, body, and feelings across the three Zones of script.



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