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What is Vastushastra?

Vastushastra is that science which studies various effects of:
  • Directions / Sub directions
  • Environmental conditions
  • Geopathic stress.
  • 5 basic elements of nature (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sky).
  • Subtle elements of nature like –
    Sound frequencies.
  • Electromagnetic frequencies.
  • Cosmic frequencies.
  • Magnetic field on human body, Mind, Soul & overall Life .

3 Aspects of Vastushastra

We thoroughly examine each Vastu rule, considering spiritual texts, global research, and modern architectural concepts.

Spiritual Aspects

Scripturas from Atharvaved, Mansar, Groupsahita, Matsyapurana, Naradpurana, Vishwakarama prakash, Jain Egam

Scientific Aspects

Geopathic Stress, Electro-magnetic Field, Environmental Conditions. Kinds its effect on human glands,body, Mind & Soul

Planning & Orientation Aspects

Modern architectural planning & orientation concepts

Our Vastu Consultancy Services

Vastushastra in a broad view is not dismantling of things or placement of things in right directions, but it is BALANCING OF ENERGIES. Our Vastu Consultancy includes-

Actual site visits

Our Vastu Consultancy conducts thorough and insightful on-site visits, ensuring precise and tailored recommendations for your space.

Presentation of Rectified auto cad plans

Our Vastu Consultancy presents rectified AutoCAD plans, offering clear visual representations of optimized spatial adjustments and enhancements.

Preparation of Actual Existing Auto cad Plans with measurement.

Our Vastu Consultancy meticulously prepares accurate AutoCAD plans with precise measurements, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of your existing space.

Detailed Report with drawings & Printing

Our Vastu Consultancy delivers a comprehensive report that includes detailed drawings, ensuring a clear and informative understanding of recommended Vastu adjustments.


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