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Art of Liberation (Mukti-Yog)

Meditation | Art of Liberation ( Mukti-Yog )

The Subconscious Mind has the tremendous potential to change the world in a around you. Very few people know that there, still are other deeper faculties of mind which are called as higher dimensions of mind & they are Super Conscious & Supreme Conscious Minds or Planes. Its really very interesting to know that in these deeper planes of mind , the actual laws of Metaphysics & Quantum Mechanics, exists.
Through “Art of Liberation” I.e.Mukti-Yog we can enter these esoteric planes or higher dimensions where we find that all our Past Present & Future is recorded or stored within us & it runs as a step by step written Programme on screen of our lives. Yes ! its actually possible to change this Programme by entering in to our past present & future , in a far more better way, so as to live our life & all future lives in a Supreme Intelligent Dimension.

The Best of Meditation

Stress reduction and improved relaxation

Enhanced mental clarity and

Increased self-awareness and emotional well-being

Better management of anxiety and improved overall mental health

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