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Crystal Healing

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Dr. Nirmal Shah

Science Instructor


Crystal Healing Certification Course


A crystal healing course typically includes a comprehensive understanding of crystals, their properties, and how they can be used for healing and balancing energies. Some common components of a crystal healing course are:

  1. Introduction to the principles and theories of crystal healing.
  2. Identification and understanding of various crystals, their colors, shapes, and corresponding healing properties.
  3. Exploration of the chakra system and how crystals can be used to balance and align the chakras.
  4. Techniques for selecting, cleansing, and charging crystals for healing purposes.
  5. Practical methods for using crystals in healing sessions, meditation, and energy work.
  6. Understanding how to create crystal grids and layouts for specific healing purposes.
  7. Learning ethical considerations and best practices for integrating crystal healing into holistic health practices.
  8. Hands-on practice sessions and case studies to apply learned techniques effectively in real-world scenarios.

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