Vastushstra ( Vastushastra For Plot, Flat, House, Industries and Commercial Places)

    What is Vastushastra ?

    Vastushastra is that science which studies various effects of

  • Directions / Sub directions
  • Environmental conditions
  • Geopathic stress.
  • 5 basic elements of nature (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sky)
  • Subtle elements of nature like -
  • Sound frequencies,
  • Electromagnetic frequencies
  • Cosmic frequencies
  • Magnetic field on human body, Mind, Soul & overall Life .

  • Here we prove & study each a every vastu rule taking in to consideration 3 aspects-

  • Spiritual aspect ( Old testaments written in spiritual scriptures )
  • Scientific aspect ( Latest research done all over the world )
  • Logical aspect (Modern architectural concepts of orientation & Manoeuveration .)

  • Vastushastra in a broad view is not dismantling of things or placement of things in right directions, but it is BALANCING OF ENERGIES. Our Vastu Consultancy includes –

  • Actual site visits
  • Preparation of Actual Existing Auto cad Plans with measurement.
  • Presentation of Rectified auto cad plans
  • Detailed Report with drawings & Printing .