What is Reiki ?

    Reiki is a Japanese word. Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy. In Japanese language 'REI' means Universal or Transcendental Power & 'KI' means life force. This Life force energy is imbibed in us from our birth. We are born with it & we live with it. It is the best energy in the world.

    What Reiki is not?

    It is not a religion. It is neither a sect nor a class . It is not connected with any evil spirit or occult. It is not a negative power.

    History Of Reiki

    It is believed by one & all that the remedial systems of human illness is based on some worldwide universal power. The 'Reiki' is such a wonderful energy that begets life & sustains it. The ancient history tells us that the Indians have deeply thought over Life Force (Chetna). The results & conclusions thus obtained have been used for the growth & development of mind, body & soul o achieve tranquility, balance & unity with the supreme power.

    Mahavira's "Sparsha Chikitsa" & Buddhas " Kamal Sutras" also have its roots in this type of healing .Even Jesus Christ used to Perform Touch healing and Faith healing.

    Preparation to Learn Reiki

    No mental or Physical preparation required, only will & desire is needed.

    How to learn Reiki

    Its a simple therapy. It is its attraction. Any person of any age, sex can learn reiki. Whether literate or illiterate, any person can learn it.

    Scientific explanation of Reiki –

    Thermodynamics explains ‘Entropy’ Heat transfers itself from hotter bodies to colder bodies through conduction, convection & Radiation. Reiki is that cosmic warm energy which is within us & can be acquired & can be transferred through above mentioned means i.e. touch healing ( conductn & convection ) & Distance or Absent healing ( Radiation )

    Characteristics of Reiki

    • Its a simple system required nothing but only hands.
    • While maintaining physical balance, the reiki liberates us from stress and negative emotions.
    • Not only reiki cures disease but also finds other root cause and deals with it to heal permanently.
    • It is said that a common man uses only 10% of energy available from the nature. The reiki increases our capacity to use more energy. It also increases awareness towards life & enhances efficiency.
    • Reiki not only improves physique, breathing method, mental purity and energy but also develops soul.
    • It removes worries & cures incurable diseases, gives release from pain, unhappiness, & nervousness.
    • Reiki provides nature's love, motherly Love. The individual then becomes full of love & developes attitude to love all.
    • The best quality of Reiki is that it can give releifin in all diseases.( Off course it has got its own limitations like other therapies also )
    • Reiki can cure an ill person who may be nearby or far away.
    • Reiki stimulates & rejuvenates the body especially the endocrine glands & provides energy & tranquility.

    The following effects may be observed during Reiki Treatment. :

    • It relieves stress, strain and negative emotions.
    • It reaches the root cause of the disease & cures it.
    • It increases self awareness
    • Reiki influences every individual depending on his requirement. It gives relief to ailing & sick person. Reiki stimulates & rejuvenates the body especially the endocrine glands & provides energy & tranquility.Reiki an old healing and mind body development Indian technique which was revolutionized by an Japanese teacher Dr Mikao Usui, is an effective and short method of healing with hands, at all states of human being i.e.mental physical and economical also.

    Benifites of Reiki

    • Taping Cosmic Potentials
    • Simple but effective techniques of healing
    • 5 Basic principles of perfect health and harmony.
    • Say no to doctors.
    • Increasing resistance power and workability.
    • Removing Mind blocks.
    • Precautions always proves better than cure.

    Reiki Programs - Total 5 Degrees

    • 1st Deg – Touch Healing
    • 2nd Deg – Distance Healing (Through use of symbols )
    • 3rd Deg – Master Healer ( Extensive and Fast healing, Group healing with more than 16 symbols. )
    • 3A- Can conduct I & II Deg classes
    • 3B – Grand Master ( can create Grand Masters )