Vastushastra a scientific Approach

    Hi Friends, Its long time since we have met again. Actually a lot of visits and heavy clients load didn’t allow me to express myself on blog. Today we will touch the deep fathoms of the real science behind Vastu .

    In the diagram no.1 given here we can see how our Earth moves around sun in a specific trajectory, while doing this Earth also moves along its axis. In this process N.E.( North East) of the Earth remains most of the time facing towards the sun. So we (i.e. Earth) Gets the cosmic energies of the sun from North East direction. The next diagram will clarify it.

    Diagram no 2 is self-explanatory We can see inflow (gain) of cosmic energies is hence from North East, East,& North directions and drain (outflow) of cosmic energies in case of Earth is from South, South West and West directions. Also the electromagnetic field of North East, East and North is balanced and stabilized, whereas the electromagnetic field of South West, South and West is imbalanced, unstabilized and aggravated. So we have to make proper use of this above situation while following the rules of Scientific Vastushastra, as well as planning & orientation. In our next blog we will see how best use of the above situation of earth is made to plan a good house as per Scientific Vastushastra.

Vastushastra a scientific Approach

    Hi friends it’s long time since we had met since my first blog on vastu . Today we will go further in this subject . Many people ask how vastu is scientific and how can it be proven scientifically! Dear friends it’s very true that nowadays a lot of research has been done on this subject in various countries world wide . Every one in this world is influenced by 2 types of vastu in his life wheather he is the owner of that place or not.1) residential vastu and 2) commercial vastu ! Area of our place is defined and demarked by walls within each area when we stand with the magnetic compass we come in to across the directions of that specific area and there’s a definite research been done nowadays that the electro magnetic field of a specific area influences the glands of our body system primarily the secondary effect is of the area of that specific place on earth ( eg any country and its climatic and environmental conditions !

    The tertiary effect is of our earth and solar system . All these things influence our glands and it’s secretions medically it has been proved that if the secretions of the glands increase or decrease then it creates imbalance in our health and electro magnetic field of all the above mentioned primary sec and tertiary areas influence the secretions of our glands which in turn has a specific effect on our body mind soul and life . In our next blog we will discuss deeply in which intensity this affects till then happy moments my dear friends.

Scientific Vastushastra

    Here in pune we are successfully running Om Counselling Centre, where in we consult in Scientific Vastushastra, Meditation, Reiki, Pranic Healing and Crystals since 1999. Today we will start our communication with 'vastu'. Dear friends there are many MISCONCEPTIONS about this controvercial subject or topic of vastu. Some of the MISCONCEPTIONS are as follows-
    1)VASTU is totally related with Yantra & Mantra.
    2)VASTU has no science involed in it.
    3)Do VASTU & free from all sufferings.
    4)VASTU remedies are expensive etc & etc.
    But today i want you to clear one thing that all there MISCONCEPTIONS are wrong. VASTU does has a deep scientific meaning in it. In early historical era of India our Saint and Sages undoubtedly knew the real science behind this interesting subject. But it was an era of Belief in Spirituality and our sages didnt had any scientific instruments to prove the science behind it. They just had a deep feeling of benefitting the common people out of this science. Nor did they had any personal motives behind it, so they used the top belief system to convey it to the society & it was "Spiritual Texts". So now in our next blog we will go deep in to the real science behind VASTU.