Meditation | Art of Liberation ( Mukti-Yog )

The Subconscious Mind has the tremendous potential to change the world in a around you. Very few people know that there, still are other deeper faculties of mind which are called as higher dimensions of mind & they are Super Conscious & Supreme Conscious Minds or Planes. Its really very interesting to know that in these deeper planes of mind , the actual laws of Metaphysics & Quantum Mechanics, exists.

Through "Art of Liberation" I.e.Mukti-Yog we can enter these esoteric planes or higher dimensions where we find that all our Past Present & Future is recorded or stored within us & it runs as a step by step written Programme on screen of our lives. Yes ! its actually possible to change this Programme by entering in to our past present & future , in a far more better way, so as to live our life & all future lives in a Supreme Intelligent Dimension.

Course – 10 Days ( 2 hrs each Day ) or 5 Days ( 4 hrs each Day ) Courses Specifically Designed for Students, Teachers, Managers, Administrators, Leaders, Directors and Core Level Executives.

Vastushstra ( Vastu Shastra For Plot, Flat, House, Industries and Commercial Places)

    What is Vastushastra ?

    Vastushastra is that science which studies various effects of

  • Directions / Sub directions
  • Environmental conditions
  • Geopathic stress.
  • 5 basic elements of nature (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sky)
  • Subtle elements of nature like -
  • Sound frequencies,
  • Electromagnetic frequencies
  • Cosmic frequencies
  • Magnetic field on human body, Mind, Soul & overall Life .

  • Here we prove & study each a every vastu rule taking in to consideration 3 aspects-

  • Spiritual aspect ( Old testaments written in spiritual scriptures )
  • Scientific aspect ( Latest research done all over the world )
  • Logical aspect (Modern architectural concepts of orientation & Manoeuveration .)

  • Vastushastra in a broad view is not dismantling of things or placement of things in right directions, but it is BALANCING OF ENERGIES. Our Vastu Consultancy includes –

  • Actual site visits
  • Preparation of Actual Existing Auto cad Plans with measurement.
  • Presentation of Rectified auto cad plans
  • Detailed Report with drawings & Printing .


Numerology Consultancy ( Numerology Consultants, Numerology Predictions )

Numerology is perhaps the easiest of the occult arts to understand and use. All you need is the birth date and the complete name of an individual to unlock all of the secrets that the numbers hold. There are eleven numbers used in constructing Numerology charts. These numbers are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, and 22.

Each of these number represents different characteristics and expressions. Master number are the only exception to rule of reducing to the single digit. The master numbers 11 and 22 are intensified versions of the single digit number they replace (2 and 4). These numbers suggest a potential for a high degree of learning and/or achievement very often in a more stressful environment. The first consideration of numerology is often the date of birth. This date, expressed numerically, as mm/dd/yyyy, is used to determine what is called the Lifepath Number and a variety of other factors in the numerology reading.

    Numerology all over world is studied in 2 ways –

  • Cheiro Numerology
  • Ancient Indian Vedic Numerology

  • Applications of Numerology -

  • Change of Name
  • Change of letters in Name. (Addition or Subtraction of letters according to Numerology )
  • Deciding vehicle no's.
  • Buying a plot, Flat or any Commercial or Residential premises.
  • Deciding Company Name or House Name, organizations name.
  • Deciding Lucky nos, Lucky Dates, Lucky colors according to Numerology.
  • Match Making
  • Deciding Name of New Born baby
  • Designing of company Logos .
  • Predictions.


The science of the stars. Horoscope & Astrology is the study of the planets' position and direction relative to a certain celestial body [either the Sun (heliocentric astrology) or the Earth (geocentric astrology)] and its potential influence on a natural organism [a single being, or a population (such as a town, country, continent, etc.)].


Palmistry is the study of the lines and signs of the hands. Your palm print is the blueprint of your life. It tells everything about you - past, present, future - health - and more. Everything on your palm means something even the nails and color tones of the skin. Once a line is one your hand it does not go away. Lines add on through your lifetime due to the electromagnetic changes sent by your brain. New lines general develop on the dominant hand - the one you write with. The other hand is your destiny, not your past life. Once a line is formed it never disappears. Some people have many deep lines - while others people have the primary lines plus a few branches that extend from them. Everything matters in Palmistry...the size of the hand, it's shape, color, texture, the nails, depth of lines, even the manner in which you hold your hands when I read your palm. The hand you use to write with is your dominant hand. The lines on this hand change through the years due to the electromagnetic images from your brain which know your lifepath. Lines can add on. Once added they do not go away. The other hand is your destiny hand. It generally remains the same throughout your lifetime.

Mind Development

Personality Development :

One of the greatest virtues of human beings is their ability to think and act accordingly. The emergence of the techno savvy man from the tree swinging ape has really been a long journey. This transition has taken a span of countless centuries and lots of thinking caps have been involved. Inquisitiveness and aspiration to come out with the best have been the pillars for man's quest for development. Self-motivation is the sheer force, which pulled him apart and distinguished him from his primitive ancestors. The most important things included in personality development are confidence & communication.

Confidence :

Every day is a new day in our life. There is much to do today. The early morning sun inspires us to start things freshly and put back our past. Only a handful of us make use of this fresh bunch of energy. Confidence is a key to survive in this world. Confidence in ones own capabilities combined with sincere efforts helps one to achieve unthinkable heights. As a result of lack of confidence we perform well below our caliber. Be it in a public speech, proposing your beloved, vivas in your college or in an interview or say even on the eve before your exams. This can be due to fear of being rejected or any other reason.

If we look into our hearts and think, we will come to know that fear inside us is going to get us nowhere. The confidence inside us is going to take us places. This is because with confidence we can put our thoughts into words in a better and pleasing way. So we have to get out of that shell where we think whether people will accept us as we are? Instead of living in these unending moments of fear and thoughtless analysis it is better if we project ourselves with the skills we have with the gloss of confidence. With which we can portray the finer points of our personality in such a way that the places where we do lack are never highlighted.

Confidence should glow in us only till the point where our personality is boosted. Above this it leads to over-confidence that is harmful.

Communication :

Communication in any form is used for exchange of information. The links called words make communication work. Without words its difficult to imagine how we could have come so long in the history of human evolution. Word is not only a 4-letter thing, but it is something deeper than that.

Personality development Program covers career guidence ,memory techniques, meditation. stress management, goal setting, pranayam ,communication skills, health nutrition, self hypnosis, Time management Golden Ball theory. Programs of Personality Development : In this first case study is carried out. The required training is decided. Accordingly sessions are carried out.

Mind & Personality Development Programme

  • Basic principles of success
  • Science of conscious ,subconscious super conscious and supreme conscious mind.
  • Study of human psychology.
  • Theory of time management.
  • SWOT Analysis.
  • Eradication of bad habits.
  • Increasing will power.
  • Goal settings and Achievements.
  • Short self relaxation Techniques.
  • Effective communication skills & Leadership Qualities.
  • Self motivation and mass motivation.
  • Choosing right profession.
  • Power of positive affirmation and Imagination.
  • Money making techniques.
  • laws of nature.
  • Power of emotion Prayers & love.

This is the detailed program which included one to one conversation, practicles, case studies, brain storming sessions.

Self Hypnosis Program

  • Theory of self hypnosis and Practicles.
  • Past life regression theory and Practicles.
  • Effective tool for managing stress.
  • Techniques of taping the power of subconscious, superconscious & supremt conscious mind.
  • Theory of Behavior pattern of human being.
  • Creating abundant health and wealth.
  • Laws of prosperity.
  • Building healthy relationship ( Personal,Professional).
  • Self Analysis techniques.

This program includes the details information about the human body and mind how it functions and how hypnosis can be taped to go deep into the subconscious of oneself and how subconscious one finds unlimited potentials through which one can become successful in all the areas of the life.

Goal Settings

Scientific and proven techniques of goal settings are taught. Brief discussion on the priorities of life and how to achieve them easily without stress is given importance here.Step by step procedures of achieving goals of life are taught.

Time Management

  • Theory of time, what is time?
  • Definition of time and importance of time.
  • Scientific and proven techniques of managing time.
  • Delegation of work.
  • Delegation of authority and responsibility.
  • Techniques of planning and implementation.
  • How to buy time ?
  • How time is interrelated with goal setting ?
  • How to make good use of OPM & OPT & OPS Techniques.
  • How to plan life ? Short term goal setting .Long term goal setting .
  • How to plan your day and year ?
  • Relation of time with awareness of life.
  • Work more but still be free for whatever u want.
  • Enjoy stress free mind.

Stress Management

  • Definition of stress.
  • Types of stress , eustress distress etc.
  • Short and effective technique of managing stress.
  • Dealing with unwanted stress, thoughts & year
  • Self relaxation & self hypnosis Techniques.
  • Removing stress with yoga , Meditation and Pranyam.
  • Relation of stress with disease, mood shifts.
  • Physical exercises and perfect diet.


Graphology is a science where subconsious mind of person is represented in black & white strokes of pen,showing his thought process ,attitude towardslife ,relationships & behaviour in specific conditions.

Graphology is the study of handwriting, especially when employed as a means of analyzing character. Graphologists examine loops, dotted "i's" and crossed "t's," letter spacing, slants, heights, ending strokes, etc., but they believe that such handwriting minutiae are physical manifestations of unconscious mental functions. Graphologists believe such details can reveal as much about a person as astrology , palm reading, psychometry, or the Myers-Briggs personality type indicator.

the main keys to interpreting handwriting is the fact that we always write differently from the model taught to us at school. How we form and combine characters and position them on the page creates a unique writing pattern. From the graphologist's viewpoint, written script is made up of more than twenty indices, such as degree of slant, size, rhythm and spacing between letters, words and lines. All these symbolise different yet interrelated aspects of ourselves. Our physical, emotional and mental characteristics are thus represented. Our handwriting is, in fact, a unique "3 D snapshot" of our current state of mind/body/feelings - the complete person - as symbolised in the three Zones of script.

Applicaitons of Graphology :

  • To build personal rapport to have good relationships
  • Recruitment for organization
  • Self Development / Personality Devlopement
  • Child Development
  • Criminology
  • Grapholo Thearpy : Through this many physical & mental aliments could be cured.
  • Graphology can give approximately 75% personality traits.
  • Graphology ( A science of hand writing )

Program includes

  • Definition and concept of graphology.
  • Know yourself and others deeply through Graphology.
  • To know your past,present and future
  • writing is a mirror image of a human being.
  • Science of hand writing.
  • Application of graphology.
  • By changing your handwriting you can change your future.
  • The science of graphotherapy.
  • Signature changing Aspect.
  • Relation of graphology with human success.

Crystal Therapy ( Crystal Healing, Crystal Treatment )

Power Of Crystals

Crystals have the metaphysical power of healing. Using certain crystal methods, crystal healing can help a number of physical problems. This metaphysical healing relies on the innate powers of healing crystals. For example, rose quartz is great for emotional healing, amethyst crystals for headaches, malachite for the stomach, lapis for anxiety, and jade for the heart…just to name a few.

From as far back as the days of the legendary lost city of Atlantis, through the ancient Mayan and Hebrew civilizations, and including Far Eastern and Native American cultures, crystals and gemstones have been used both in spiritual rituals and as aids to physical healing.

Today the practice of using stones and crystals continues. Not only with the aboriginal shamans of Australia who use stones to commune with spirits, but with ordinary people across the world who claim extraordinary results.

How do crystals work? No one seems to know for sure. Tales tell that they were first used in Atlantis. Crystals became important to the people of that civilization who believed in their capacity to store and amplify any power source fed into them - physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Practitioners of modern-day crystal therapy believe that the stones' ability to work as conductors allow them to focus energy via a person's thoughts to stimulate healing - both physical and non-physical.

However, in addition to medical controversy as to their efficacy, the use of crystals for healing is not an exact science. There is plenty of information available to describe which crystals and gemstones are good for treating certain ailments or for the prevention of certain conditions. The problem is that much of it appears contradictory.

Still, thousands of people world-wide swear by the use of crystals for a variety of mental, emotional, and physical problems. There are numerous claims that they aid such in diverse areas as harmonious relationships, allergies, and spiritual awakening.

Crystals are used in meditation and spiritual ceremonies, laid on the body during types of massage or bodywork, when a person is resting, or placed in drinking or bathing waters. It is claimed that an odd number of facets on the stone aid in healing, while an even number of facets create the best energizers. Red, yellow, and orange stones are said to produce energy, clear and aquamarine stones are healers, and lavender and blue-violet stones create calming effects.

    Here is a list of commonly known crystals and their reputed benefits.

  • Amethyst: Headaches, eyes, scalp, hair, pituitary gland, balancing blood sugar. Psychic abilities, imagery. Purify and transmute negativity. Reduce anger, impatience, and nightmares. Spiritually uplifting.
  • Aquamarine: Heart, immune system, thymus, lymph nodes. Calming, uplifting, flexibility, innocence, joy, creativity, communication, self-knowledge, confidence, purpose. Releasing anxiety, fear, and restlessness.
  • Carnelian: Circulatory system, kidneys, stimulate appetite, emotions, sexuality, physical energy, celebration, reproductive system, menstrual cramps, arthritis, kidneys, gall bladder, pancreas. Confidence, assertiveness, drive.
  • Citrine: Acid indigestion, food disorders, allergies. Cleansing spleen, kidneys, liver, urinary system, intestines. Mental and emotional clarity, problem-solving, memory, willpower, optimism, confidence, self-discipline. Reducing anxiety, fear, and depression.
  • Coral: Muscles, blood, heart, reproductive system, thyroid, metabolism, spine, bone and tissue regeneration. Not to be used with high blood pressure. Protect and strengthen emotional foundation and enliven emotions.
  • Diamond: Increase personal clarity, trust, confidence. Amplify thoughts, attitudes, strengths and weaknesses: Prosperity, generosity, love, spirituality.
  • Emerald: Respiratory system, heart, lymph nodes, blood, thymus, balance blood sugar, childbirth, eyesight. Strengthen heart chakra for abundance, growth, peace, harmony, patience, love, monogamy, honesty. Lift depression and insomnia.
  • Jade: Heart, thymus, immune, kidney and cleansing blood, nervous system. Courage, knowledge, justice, compassion, emotional balance, humility, generosity, harmony, wealth, longevity.
  • Lapis: Anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, shyness, nervous system, speech, hearing, pituitary, inflammation, pain. Mind expansion, intuition, creativity, spiritual connection. Organize, quiet the mind.
  • Malachite: Stomach, liver, kidney stones, respiratory system, immune system, vision, circulatory system. Release pain, inflammation, depression, anger. Stimulate psychic vision, concentration.
  • Rose Quartz: Emotional balance, love, beauty, peacefulness, forgiving, kindness, self-esteem. Emotional healing, loss, stress, hurt, fear, resentment, anger. Align mental, emotional, and astral bodies.
  • Ruby: Infections, cholesterol, blood clots, blood cleansing, impotency. Stimulate circulation, menses, pituitary. Love, courage, confidence, vitality, stamina, strength, leadership, triumph over adversity. Intensify all emotions
  • Sapphire: Reducing inflammation, fevers, nosebleeds. Hearing problems, TB, burns. Communication, depression, intuition, clairaudience, mental clarity and calm. It is suggested that you should never let anyone touch your crystals. Each crystal should be cleansed before use to clear any stored energy by either soaking it or burying it in the ground.
  • Soaking: Have everything at room temperature. Soak the crystal in one cup sea salt dissolved in one quart of purified or spring water in a glass bowl. Meditate and ask that the crystal be cleared. Soak from 15 minutes to one full day depending upon how many people have touched the stone. Rinse under cool water and dry with cotton or silk.
  • Burying: Wrap the crystal in cotton, silk, or linen and bury it in a place you feel comfortable. Leave at least 24 hours.

Crystal Healing Program.

Just like Reiki crystal also helps in self healing Scientist name MOSE was first to discover that crystals exhibits piezo electric vibrations or piezo electric currents which are helpful in fluent and persistent blood flow of our body as well as balanced secretions of glands which ultimately results in good health.

Course Includes ( Basic and Advanced )

Type of crystals & its applications for healing .

  • Use of crystals
  • Programming of crystals
  • Crystal gazing,
  • Sushumna Nadi Meditation of crystals.
  • Crystals allunement
  • Charging of crystals.
  • Dowzing techniques in crystals.
  • Balancing of human glands through crystals.
  • Use of crystals in Vastu rectifications.
  • Balancing of chakras through crystals.
  • Self healing through crystal pairs.( shiv & Shakti ) (yin & yang )
  • Aura healing through crystals.

Pranic Healing / Energy Healing

Pranic Healing is the use of the universal life energy, also known as prana, to create health and well-being. It works by correcting energy imbalances and blockages, removing used-up or diseased energy and replacing it with fresh prana. Depending on the particular condition of the patient, healing often happens almost instantly. Frequently, patients who experience such quick results are so impressed that they study to become pranic healers themselves. For this reason, the field of pranic healing is growing quickly internationally. Pranic healing is not only helpful in clearing physical conditions, but it is also very helpful in treating psychological and psycho-spiritual disorders. Pranic healers sometimes refer to the energy body as the biosplasmic body. The most well-known part of the biosplasmic body is the aura. Some people are able to see auras naturally. They usually see it as a glowing coloured area around someone. When they see the aura of a healthy person they see it as a glowing field of white light and pure colours. However, when the aura of an unhealthy person is studied, the area around the unhealthy part is often seen as being depleted, congested, or appearing tangled, torn or 'dirty'. In other words, the health of the body is reflected in the health of the aura. By treating the physical body the aura responds and also becomes healthy, but the exciting part of this is that the process actually works both ways. So, when you treat the energy body the physical body responds and this is how pranic healing helps the body heal itself. Further study into pranic healing will explain much more about how this process works

What do the chakras do and why are they so important ?

  • Chakras are those energy centers in human body which absorb cosmic energies & turn them in to life force energies.
  • They absorb, digest, and distribute prana to the different parts of the body.
  • They control, energise, and are responsible for the proper functioning of the whole physical body and its different parts and organs.
  • The endocrine glands are controlled and energised by some of the major chakras. The endocrine glands can be stimulated or inhibited by controlling or manipulating the major chakras. A lot of ailments are caused partially by the malfunctioning of the chakras. ome chakras are sites or centers of the psychic faculties. Activation of certain chakras (energy centers) may result in the development of certain psychic faculties. For example, among the easiest and safest chakras to activate are the hand chakras. These are located at the center of the palms.
  • psychic faculties. For example, among the easiest and safest chakras to activate are the hand chakras. These are located at the center of the palms. By activating the hand chakras, one develops the ability to feel subtle energies and the ability to feel the outer, health, and inner auras. This can simply be accomplished by regularly concentrating on them. It is called sensitizing the hands.

Bioenergy Field ( Bioenergy Field Therapy, Bioenergy Field Treatment, Bioenergy Healing )

What do we do at the Energy Centre?

We at The Energy Centre use a latest technique called PIP to analyze and treat the Human Energy Field disturbances. Our investigations are centered on studying the seven major chakras of the human body. We also have with us an allopathic and an ayurvedic practitioner who cater to the holistic healing of the patients. Scanning the patient enables a practitioner to make an energy field assessment and it can give a better understanding of their health status. This energy field imaging and aura scanning system is an accurate, non-invasive, and harmless system to reveal light ranges and energy patterns at and above our visible spectrum.

What does PIP indicate?

PIP clearly indicates layers of energy fields, aura, chakras, and meridian systems of the body in clear colours and patterns. It is easy to understand where a problem exists and where there is wellbeing and ease. It also demonstrates the energy transfer during healing and is internationally recognized as the ultimate 'Energy Field Imaging System'. PIP is used in medical and clinical research, structural engineering, energy field assessment and diagnosis, and also for validating healing techniques.

Reiki Therapy ( Reiki Healing, Reiki Treatment )

What is Reiki ?

Reiki is a Japanese word. Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy. In Japanese language 'REI' means Universal or Transcendental Power & 'KI' means life force. This Life force energy is imbibed in us from our birth. We are born with it & we live with it. It is the best energy in the world.

What Reiki is not?

It is not a religion. It is neither a sect nor a class . It is not connected with any evil spirit or occult. It is not a negative power.

History Of Reiki

It is believed by one & all that the remedial systems of human illness is based on some worldwide universal power. The 'Reiki' is such a wonderful energy that begets life & sustains it. The ancient history tells us that the Indians have deeply thought over Life Force (Chetna). The results & conclusions thus obtained have been used for the growth & development of mind, body & soul o achieve tranquility, balance & unity with the supreme power.

Mahavira's "Sparsha Chikitsa" & Buddhas " Kamal Sutras" also have its roots in this type of healing .Even Jesus Christ used to Perform Touch healing and Faith healing.

Preparation to Learn Reiki

No mental or Physical preparation required, only will & desire is needed.

How to learn Reiki

Its a simple therapy. It is its attraction. Any person of any age, sex can learn reiki. Whether literate or illiterate, any person can learn it.

Scientific explanation of Reiki –

Thermodynamics explains ‘Entropy’ Heat transfers itself from hotter bodies to colder bodies through conduction, convection & Radiation. Reiki is that cosmic warm energy which is within us & can be acquired & can be transferred through above mentioned means i.e. touch healing ( conductn & convection ) & Distance or Absent healing ( Radiation )

Characteristics of Reiki

  • Its a simple system required nothing but only hands.
  • While maintaining physical balance, the reiki liberates us from stress and negative emotions.
  • Not only reiki cures disease but also finds other root cause and deals with it to heal permanently.
  • It is said that a common man uses only 10% of energy available from the nature. The reiki increases our capacity to use more energy. It also increases awareness towards life & enhances efficiency.
  • Reiki not only improves physique, breathing method, mental purity and energy but also develops soul.
  • It removes worries & cures incurable diseases, gives release from pain, unhappiness, & nervousness.
  • Reiki provides nature's love, motherly Love. The individual then becomes full of love & developes attitude to love all.
  • The best quality of Reiki is that it can give releifin in all diseases.( Off course it has got its own limitations like other therapies also )
  • Reiki can cure an ill person who may be nearby or far away.
  • Reiki stimulates & rejuvenates the body especially the endocrine glands & provides energy & tranquility.

The following effects may be observed during Reiki Treatment. :

  • It relieves stress, strain and negative emotions.
  • It reaches the root cause of the disease & cures it.
  • It increases self awareness
  • Reiki influences every individual depending on his requirement. It gives relief to ailing & sick person. Reiki stimulates & rejuvenates the body especially the endocrine glands & provides energy & tranquility.Reiki an old healing and mind body development Indian technique which was revolutionized by an Japanese teacher Dr Mikao Usui, is an effective and short method of healing with hands, at all states of human being i.e.mental physical and economical also.

Benifites of Reiki

  • Taping Cosmic Potentials
  • Simple but effective techniques of healing
  • 5 Basic principles of perfect health and harmony.
  • Say no to doctors.
  • Increasing resistance power and workability.
  • Removing Mind blocks.
  • Precautions always proves better than cure.

Reiki Programs - Total 5 Degrees

  • 1st Deg – Touch Healing
  • 2nd Deg – Distance Healing (Through use of symbols )
  • 3rd Deg – Master Healer ( Extensive and Fast healing, Group healing with more than 16 symbols. )
  • 3A- Can conduct I & II Deg classes
  • 3B – Grand Master ( can create Grand Masters )

Logo, Visiting Card, Envelop & Letterhead Design as per Astrology & Numerology

  • Punch line ,Tag line Design as per Astrology & Numerology

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